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Accounting Bissim is a highly engaging learning experience. It provides a realistic but safe environment  to support both general (e.g. at MBA-level) or more specialist courses and can address the following learning activities:

Financial accounting: 

  • Interpreting key financial statements

  • Applying financial accounting treatments including accruals, prepayments, provisions, capex, depreciation and accounting for R&D

  • Calculating and interpreting financial metrics and ratios 

  • Preparing a statement of cash flows​​


Management accounting:

  • Applying relevant cost analysis, cost volume profit analysis, budgeting, variance analysis, costing and key performance indicators etc.


Financial management:

  • Applying financing decisions, managing working capital, evaluating capital expenditure opportunities, business valuation etc. 

As every team’s results are unique, it can be a basis for coursework assignments and re-used with different cohorts. In addition, it can be easily tailored to suit course requirements.

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