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Learners work as the management teams of an hypothetical business, making domestic robots in the year 2031. They decide team roles and then their business' strategy. They will then make a series of business decisions across: R&D, Marketing, Production and HR with detailed Finance decisions. This can (at the tutor’s discretion) include additional debt & equity financing and negotiating terms with suppliers and customers. 


After each decision year, the teams’ decisions are input to the computer model which generates the results. These include financial statements, metrics and ratios, non-financial KPIs & messages. Each team’s performance is dependent on their own decisions, the decisions of their competitors’ and the market which collectively they influence.   

Both the process and the econometric model used has been refined over decades of use. In addition:

  • Educator materials including role-play briefs, exercises and solutions accompany the simulation

  • A tutor controls feature can adjust the market or an individual team’s performance if needed

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